IRAN 1000000 Rials Banknote 2017

  The Central Bank of Iran circulated 1000000 Rials banknote in December 2009. Blue Color, Front: The Tachara, or the Tachar Château, also referred to as the Palace of Darius the Great,was the exclusive building of Darius I at Persepolis, Iran. It is located 70 km northeast of the modern city of Shiraz in Fars Province & […]

IRANIAN New One Million Rial Banknote 2021

         The Central Bank of Iran circulated a new One Million banknote with four zeroes having a light color signifying the CBI’s plan to remove four zeros from the national currency. The new banknote has been printed with improved security  features BUY IT NOW Features and security Issuer Iran  Period Islamic Republic […]