The Central Bank of Iran circulated 500,000 Rials banknote  in December 2014.

 Purple, green, and yellow. Front: Imam Reza Holy Shrine entrance, dome with flag, and minaret in Mashhad; 50 and flying dove as registration devices. Back: Flying dove, Esmail Talayi fountain in the shrine’s court. 2.5-mm windowed security thread with demetalized I. R. IRAN. Solid security thread with demetalized I. R. IRAN. Watermark: Flying dove and electrotype 50. Printer: Unknown. 140 x 68 mm.
a. No date. Signature Valiollah Seif. Intro: December 2014.

Features and security 

Issuer Iran 
Period Islamic Republic (1979-date)
Type Standard banknote
Years 2014-2015
Value 500,000 Rials
500 000 IRR = 100 TRY
Currency Second Rial (1932-date)
Shape Rectangular
Pick            P# 154
 Small letters, numbers and/or images that are barely perceptible with the naked eye, but become visible at low magnification (under a loupe).

2- Latent image

A security feature that is integrated in the background printing and consists of structures that are modulated in terms of direction and angle. When the feature is photo-copied, the structures become visible (or invisible).This anti-copy protection is created using Intaglio printing, and includes one or more hidden images.
3- Windowed security thread , Windowed holographic strip (on the back) featuring continuous microtext (‘I.R.IRAN’). A vertical strip (made of a synthetic, metallic or other material) added to the substrate during paper production. A strip that is intermittently visible on one side of the substrate (so-called windows).
4- Continuous security thread , Security strip featuring continuous microtext (‘I.R.IRAN’).  A vertical strip (made of a synthetic, metallic or other material) added to the substrate during paper production.This strip is continuous.
5- UV detail
Detail captured under UV light conditions.
6- Intaglio printing
A printing technique that uses engraved or etched printing plates to create a relief image on the substrate. Intaglio may be recognised by the perceptible relief of the image, and the feathering of the ink.
7- See-through register
An image that is partially printed on both sides of the substrate. When the register is viewed under transmitted light, the two parts fit together seamlessly to create a single shape or pattern.
8- Combination watermark , A dove in flight and the denomination (‘50’).
An image and/or text created during the paper production process by varying the density of the paper.The combination watermark consists of a single-tone and multi-tone watermark.


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