Syrian New Banknote 5000 Lira 2021

Syrian New Banknote 5000 Lira 2021

The Central Bank of Syria has released (24th January 2021) new 5,000-Syrian pound banknotes into circulation.

The new banknotes, which are dated 2019, are believed to be produced by a state-run security printing facility in Russia on behalf of the Central Bank of Syria. The notes are part of the family of banknotes, in term of design, which was introduced in 2010 with the release of 50, 100, and 200-pound denominations. These notes were later joined by 500, 1,000, and 2,000-pound denominations — the last in 2017. The 5000-pound note is dated 2019 on both the face and back sides and printed using an engraved process on a cotton-based watermarked security paper.

The new 5,000-pound note measures 158 by 65 millimeters and is brown in its overall color, with a subtle corresponding coordinating underprint. The face design features an image of a soldier centered and saluting the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic. The years displayed on the notes are denoted in Western and Arabic numerals as ٢٠١٩ (2019 AD) and ١٤٤١ (1441 AH). The back side includes illustrations of a fresco from the Temple of Baalshamin, in the city of Palmyra, dedicated to the Canaanite sky deity of the same name dating from the late second century AD. Shown is an eagle with an olive branch in its beak, along with elements of the goddess representing the sun.

Security Features  

Watermark: The Syrian Arab Republic logo and the note’s denomination in numerals can be seen when held up to a source of light. 

Security thread: Seen from the face side, a segmented, holographic metallic thread is located to the left-center side which also contains see-thru micro-text. 

Color-changing ink application: The numeral ٥٠٠٠ is located towards the upper-right corner and is printed using a color-changing ink which shifts color from gold to green when the note is tilted under a source of light.  

Micro-perforations: When viewed from the face, the numeral 5000 can be seen in a vertical direction and applied using a micro-perforated application, which is prominent when the note is held up to a light source. 

Aligned-printing: The shape of an eight-pointed star is located in the same place on the face and back when held up to a source of light; the image appears to be one complete design. 

Latent image application: When viewed from the face side, a geometric shape located next to the note’s denomination towards the lower-left includes a latent image which is visible when the note is tilted; the shape itself also changes a subtle color.  


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