IRANIAN New One Million Rial Banknote 2021


         The Central Bank of Iran circulated a new One Million banknote with four zeroes having a light color signifying the CBI’s plan to remove four zeros from the national currency.

The new banknote has been printed with improved security  features


Features and security

Issuer Iran 
Period Islamic Republic (1979-date)
Type Standard banknote
Year 2021
Value 1 000 000 Rials (1 000 000)
Currency Toman (2021-date)
Composition Paper
Size 156 × 73 mm

1 1-Windowed Color-Shifting Security Thread
This thread has a special coat which shifts from gold to green in color when tilted. This security thread also features the map of Iran and the micro text “I.R.IRAN”.
2 2-Color-Shifting Magnetic Ink
The numeral “100” is printed on the reverse side of the Iran-Cheque by means of a high-security magnetic ink which shifts from gold to green in color when tilted.
3 3-Shiny Stripe
On the reverse side of the Iran-Cheque, a shiny stripe is printed by means of a special ink which shines when the Iran-Cheque is tilted.
4 4-See-Through Register
When the Iran-Cheque is held up to the light, some parts of the numeral 100 is visible on the obverse combining perfectly with the remaining parts on the reverse side of the Iran-Cheque.
5 5-Intaglio Printing
This is a type of tactile printing, tangible by fingertips. The image of Persepolis, the phrase “the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran” in Persian and the nominal value of the Iran-Cheque are printed by this method.
6 6-Watermark and Electrotype
The 3D images of a part of Persepolis and the numeral 100 are embedded in the paper pulp and are clearly visible when the Iran- Cheque is held up to the light.
7 7-Invisible Fluorescent Fibers
Very small fibers are embedded in the Iran-Cheque paper, which become visible in blue, red, green and yellow color under UV light.
8 8-Serial Numbers
The serial numbers are printed by red and green fluorescent ink which shifts to gold and light blue in color under UV light.
9 9-Fluorescent Ink Printing
Parts of the background are printed by fluorescent ink which becomes reflective yellow in color under UV light.
10 10-Micro-Lettering (Micro-Printing)
Very small texts which are visible by a magnifying glass and are only printable by high-security printing machines.
11 11-3D Linear Design (Medallion)
A special kind of security printing where the image appears 3D.



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